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Governor McKee knows that Rhode Islanders want to work hard and build a better life for their families. When he took office, Rhode Islanders were out of work and the economy was stalled. Today, Rhode Island has the best economic recovery in the entire Northeast, and the state is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in decades. 

Governor McKee has committed to continuing that momentum. To get Rhode Islanders back in the workforce with the skills they need to earn good-paying jobs, Governor McKee is:

  • investing in projects that create construction jobs, put Rhode Islanders to work and improve the basic infrastructure that residents, communities and businesses rely on 

  • expanding the Wavemaker Fellowship program to encourage more students to earn their degree and enter the workforce in Rhode Island

  • enhancing Real Jobs RI with a $30 million boost to reduce barriers to employment and connect skilled workers with good-paying career opportunities

  • investing $100 million towards two of the state’s biggest economic drivers – the blue economy and life science industries

With Governor McKee’s leadership, Rhode Island’s economy has made an historic comeback focused on getting Rhode Islanders back to work and increasing incomes so that all Rhode Islanders can live, work and raise a family in the Ocean State. 


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