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Our message to Rhode Islanders: this primary is about Governor’s accomplishments in preventing gun violence, fighting climate change, and protecting abortion and health care access for Rhode Island women. Governor McKee has been a stalwart in preventing Trump’s Supreme Court’s decisions from taking Rhode Island backward.


When the Supreme Court, in the shadow of tragedies like Uvalde and Buffalo, eroded gun safety laws, Governor McKee stood up and said ‘not in Rhode Island,’ by signing into law a comprehensive gun safety plan. Governor McKee banned high-capacity magazines that will prevent future mass casualty events, made it illegal to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in public, and raised the age to buy a gun or ammunition from 18-21 so that our kids and educators could focus on learning rather than fearing for their lives.


When Trump’s Supreme Court stripped EPA protections for our water, land, and air, Governor McKee got to put Rhode Island on a path to 100% renewable energy. The legislation creates a pathway to reduce climate emissions by 2050 and fuel the creation of green jobs and clean industry while helping to drive down energy costs.


When Trump’s Supreme Court gutted women’s healthcare by eliminating the Roe v. Wade protections for women, the Governor got to work protecting rights for Rhode Island women. Governor McKee stands in stark contrast to other states where Governors moved quickly to ban abortions and threatened to punish women who have to leave their state to get the health care they need. Governor Dan McKee signed an executive order protecting access to reproductive health care in Rhode Island, ensuring protections, and pushing back on the radical anti-choice agenda, including protecting individuals who come to Rhode Island seeking reproductive healthcare services.




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