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We owe a debt of gratitude to our Veterans, especially to those who call Rhode Island home.


Governor McKee made it his mission to make sure they are honored in ways that matter to them and their families.

Governor McKee took initiative to make a long overdue change in Rhode Island and end the tax on military pensions, benefiting nearly 5,200 Veterans in the state and allowing them to enjoy their well-earned retirement in Rhode Island.

Governor McKee boosted staffing retention and recruitment incentives at the RI Veterans Home and signed legislation granting special privileges to Purple Heart Medal and United States Bronze Star Medal recipients, promoting pet adoption for Veterans, and protecting acts of valor by prosecuting those who lie about their military service.

Inspired by heroes like his father James, an Army Air Corps veteran who served in World War II, Governor McKee will always stand by his commitment and obligation to honor our military, Veterans, and their families.


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